The art of ambigrams

I discovered ambigrams quite recently, doodling them on a napkin at Boston Pizza. Ambigrams are a delightful little visual trick with words, by which you can rotate or reflect a word to read the same way upside down, backwards, or other various ways. Some ambigrams consist of a word or phrase that reads as an entirely different word or phrase upside down or in another direction. I’ve always loved both calligraphy and logic puzzles, which is very much part of the construction of an ambigram– and what better theme to put these to than Poirot? We know, from Lord Edgware Dies, that Poirot learned the trick of reading upside down while in the Belgian police force, and puzzles of logic are second nature to him. Ergo, the inevitability of Poirot ambigrams.  😉

Here’s an ambigram that turns Poirot into Hastings (shown with inversion):


And, as it happens, David Suchet’s name ambigrams really nicely. This graphic reads the same upside-down. I’ll wait here for you to carefully rotate your laptop. Don’t drop it…ambigramsuchet2

Once you’ve started making ambigrams, you find them terribly addictive. What other sort of ambigrams, in keeping with this blog theme, might be fun to attempt?

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