Miss Lemon – pastel sketch

A first sketch of Miss Lemon, played by Pauline Moran. Pastel on toned paper. Image comes from the episode “Yellow Iris.”



3 thoughts on “Miss Lemon – pastel sketch

    • I don’t sell fan art, as it wouldn’t feel right to me to make money from their likenesses without going through some sort of official channel. I do give quite a lot of fan art away, though, including online giveaways which I announce every few months or so. It’s surprisingly difficult to give things away sometimes, though!! It builds up in my art room after awhile, though, so I have to do something with it.

      The closest I’ve been to generating profit from my Christie artwork is when the social media guru of the Christie estate once asked me to sketch something from And Then There Were None, so they could share it on social media. For that they offered me a couple of paperbacks I didn’t have yet, which I eagerly accepted– free books! And that seemed like a legitimately “official channel” to me. 🙂 The other is when Hugh Fraser asked me to donate a piece of Poirot art for an auction at a Lapwing Charity ball– he’s a patron of the charity, and I did a new painting to send out for that occasion. Again, if he was okay with it, it seemed legit enough to me. 🙂

      As for cast members having some of my artwork, they don’t have to buy it. I’ve given my entire set of miniature Poirot books in a custom-made shelf to David Suchet.

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      • More than fair!!! And yeah, you’re right about the money end. Didn’t think of that. But your deal is WAY better. Getting the acknowledgement from the CHRISTIE estate as well as members of the cast. That’s immeasurably better than money! That’s REP! Someone can see those little books at David Suchet’s home or ask Hugh Fraser where he got the art work for the auction and both men will give them YOUR name. That is TOTALLY legit! 👍


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