The shelf.

One can’t have 39 miniature books just sitting loose, so the idea came about to make a miniature shelf for them. The enterprise began with a simple foam board model. From there I made measurements to ensure sufficient room for the books, including a space for a little “book holder” piece by which a single cover could be displayed outwardly, room for individual spacers so the books wouldn’t need to touch, and tiered shelves so each book could be more easily removed. A monogram piece was also sketched out– based on the design on Poirot’s slippers! I sent all my drawings and measurements to my friends John and Eva, who have a laser cutter, and they made me a mock-up.


The next several weeks were a flurry of tweaking measurements again and again, re-cutting, trying (and failing) a few times to obtain the proper sort of walnut board for the finished product, but finally getting the pieces together. I love the little moustache that was added to the back of the book holder.  😎 Once the pieces were glued together, many small matchstick-sized bits of wood were carefully covered with red textured Velvet Paper, as were the shelves. The measurements for adhering the “matchstick” pieces had to be extremely precise. Here are some pics of the process…


And the finished product…





Thus essentially ends the story of my miniature books, a project encompassing a total of about four and a half months. This set of miniatures isn’t in my keeping anymore. I decided to mail the whole lot off to London this past summer to a deserving recipient.

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