Poirot-themed quilt top

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to art-and-craft in a wide variety of media and styles. So making a Poirot-inspired lap quilt seemed like an inevitability. When this thing’s done and quilted up, one can read or watch Poirot in quilt-y comfort while sipping a hot chocolate. Is not that a beautiful and consoling thought?


It is true that the floral batik is not the most Poirot-esque of fabrics, but I had all the other fabrics I wanted to use in hand already, and thought that one would help pull together the dark multi-color batik of the sashing and the ivory-and-brown tones of the pocket watch fabric. As it stood, I felt the black and white would clash too much with the off-white and browns. I suppose I could have found a fabric that used brown, black, and white and pulled it together that way, but I didn’t want to leave the quilt in that color scheme. I like colorful quilts. It’s busy, but the black-and-white pieces pop and the rest is colorfully muted. Works well enough for me.  🙂


Naturally, the quilt is very square-oriented and symmetrical. Particularly fun was using the black-and-white custom-printed pieces which I designed via Spoonflower, with many of Poirot’s most typical French phrases. I’m still contemplating whether to add a little moustache in the dead center.



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