The one Poirot-esque thing I can do that David Suchet can’t.

I can make my eyes go greener– on command.

No, seriously.   😉

Whenever Christie writes how Poirot’s eyes turn steadily greener, there is a definite feeling of unreality. It’s as if she’s reminding the reader: “Oh, by the way, this is fiction; this little detail is here to make things entertaining in an outrageous sort of way.” Do anyone’s eyes change color just because they are excited or are happening upon a significant truth?

Mind you, that’s not what turns my eyes greener. In fact, I think that most green-eyed or hazel-eyed people probably have eyes that go greener under certain circumstances– specifically, when they are crying. The edges of the eyes turn reddish, and then the green pops, right into a bright and crazy emerald. So despite the fun unreality of Christie’s description, it is quite practically possible. If being excited makes the blood rush to Poirot’s face in some small way, maybe that stimulates the effect.

This has been your weird and speculative whatsit for today!!




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