“Not ill, is she?” “Worse… she is at Frinton.”

In The Mystery of the Spanish Chest, Poirot and Japp commiserate on their lack of secretarial assistance. Japp is in his office, unsuccessfully trying to type a laborious letter, when Poirot interrupts him to ask for information and a favor.


Poirot’s disgruntled comment about Miss Lemon’s temporary disappearance to the classy seaside town of Frinton has an interesting bit of trivia connected with it. Just a year or so after Miss Lemon would take her holiday, Frinton became home to a certain Summer Theatre Season, a long-running entertainment that would end up engaging a variety of famous actors right at the beginning of their careers. One of these was none other than David Suchet.

7 thoughts on ““Not ill, is she?” “Worse… she is at Frinton.”

  1. Oh I have seen now! We go on Holiday to England in June. We will be in Sudbury for a few days, now we planned to make a visit to Fronton, it is in the neighborhood!

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  2. O we have made a mistake. We were in England and we were at clapham and not at Frinton ….whoehahaha and we were thinking of you and your blog 🙂


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