Summer giveaway!

For this particular prize draw, I’m giving away this miniature acrylic-on-canvas painting, with its own little wooden easel– plus one more surprise bonus gift! To enter: just let me know, either here or on Twitter, what you’d like to see more of on this blog. Funnies? Book reviews? Episode trivia whatsits? Original fiction? Anything Poirot-esque that might tickle your fancy. 🙂  Winner will be chosen and announced next Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Summer giveaway!

  1. More fiction! But ….with a twist. Let Japp or Hastings do a denouement . Miss Lemon is kidnapped and a miscalculation on Poirot’s part nearly succeeds in getting her killed. Poirot is guilt ridden and cannot bring himself to expose who initiated the kidnapping plot. I’d love to hear Japp or Hastings do the summing up.


  2. I really enjoy the comparisons between the David Suchet films’ plots/adaptations and the original book plots. I have often found, when listening to the audio books or reading your blog, that I have forgotten some of the details/differences, usually substituting in my mind the film version for the written one. I particularly enjoy your story analyses when they include both the films and books. And I love knowing extra background information on either!


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