Two pictures for the price of one? :)

I apologize– I’ve been doing new Poirot fan art, but I often forget to share it here. So here are two recent paintings in acrylic. The Poirot painting (on 12″ canvas) is a cropped shot from Cards on the Table; the Hastings sketch (on a smaller canvas board) is from The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb.

* * * * *


3 thoughts on “Two pictures for the price of one? :)

  1. What an excellent blog !!! sorry for my language, I do not speak English (thanks Google translator) I met A. Christie in my childhood and my first story was Orient Express, the movie of 1974. I thought that that could never be overcome. This year when I learned that they made a new version I thought: why… if that was perfect ??? I was the same to the movie … and it amused me (I do not think I remember that film with Mr. Branagh in 40 years …) Thanks to the new interest that arose here in my country for the great detective, I came to the English series and checked that all the praise was scarce for such quality. All of you were right: David Suches IS poirot, and always will be. If you are in contact with one of those magnificent actors, I ask you to please tell them that here in Argentina, they have made a person very happy. Thank you forever to the artists, God bless you. And thanks to you for sharing your beautiful art. !Congratulations!
    PS: I am (really) a farmer in Argentina
    Susana. Buenos Aires.


      • Yeeeeees. I really enjoy your blog. You are an incredible person, Latinos call talented people on many topics, like you, “a woman of the Renaissance”, from cooking to sewing. All your work fascinates me. And it helps me to cope with the hard days of my homeland, which tries to come out of dark years. I wish you the best. And I’m still enjoying your work !!!


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