Fashion Week, Day 2: ModCloth

Day #2: ModCloth

ModCloth is my hands-down favorite spot for online clothing. They have an amazing selection of retro and vintage-inspired gear. This Christmas, my mom (hi mom!) sent me a couple of detectivey things from my MC wish list.

This circle skirt is covered with detective-themed symbols: magnifying glasses, fingerprints, question marks, footprints, keys, and cameras. SO FUN! I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a skirt before. And it has POCKETS! It’s also on for a great sale price at the moment here.

My other detectivey gift from ModCloth this Christmas was this shirt with “mystery clue” symbols on it. The captions to the pictures are “the blade” (scissors), “the secret tome” (open book), “the signal” (a bird), “the skeleton key” (a key), “the wild hare” (white bunny), “the sight” (magnifying glass), and “the lookout” (a dog). The overall feel of the shirt, like the skirt above, is almost more of a Nancy Drew kind of thing, but incredibly cute and great for any Agatha fan.  🙂

ModCloth calls this shirt “Investigative Elements,” and it looks like they’re almost out of stock. However, if you happen to be an XS, you’re in luck– and the price is down to $14.99. They carry a matching skirt, as well.

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