Fashion Week, Day 3: Shoes!!

A word about shoes: I did mention, at the beginning of my self-styled “Agatha Christie Fashion Week,” that I was going to stick to wearables that had a direct bearing on Christie, detective fiction in general, and Poirot in specific. That limits the range of options considerably. I love vintagey shoes of all sorts, especially variations on the classic Oxford. But I’m narrowing my shoe-sharing down to the most Poirotesque.  🙂

It’s worth stating also that I’m not into cosplay, myself. I don’t want shoes (or clothes) that make me look like Poirot. The goal rather is to incorporate little elements of the character’s distinctive (and, let’s face it, awesome) style. Even at my most costume-y moments (e.g. Halloween), I want the distinctly feminine to come through.

So here’s the first pair of shoes, which you probably saw in the first Fashion Week post worn with the Murder on the Orient Epxress shirt. They’re black-and-white heels with the look of built-in spats!  😀

The shoes, which go up past the ankle, open up by means of the black snaps as shown. I’m not fond of super-high heels, so these feel perfect. They’re distinctive and fun, and not ridiculous-looking for wearing out and about. Two thumbs up from me.  🙂  I got mine from ShoeOodles, which has a great selection of historical and slightly crazy shoes. They have them in red and black, too.

These shoes are very Poirot, but what if you’re looking for something more extremely shiny and patent leather?  🙂  Patent leather Oxfords are easy enough to find… but how about a pair with a fun metal heel with pearl bling??

These shoes fulfill my condition of being Poirot-esque but feminine; bling-y, and not silly-looking. (We know from “The Incredible Theft” that Poirot owns pearl studs, so it’s all very appropriate.) I don’t remember exactly where I bought these, but an online search of relevant terms brings up a variety of options. Just remember– patent leather scuffs very easily!

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