Death on the Nile quilt top

I’ve made another Poirot-themed quilt top, because what better theme for a cozy lap quilt than a cozy mystery to read or watch while cuddled up on the sofa? 🙂

My Poirot projects all seem to share similar color schemes: black, white, red, neutrals. The “square” motif is, of course, a given when it comes to Poirot-themed quilting. 🙂  Most of the fabrics you see here are custom designs made at Spoonflower, which is a brilliant company for those who like to make highly-specialized theme projects. My own Spoonflower design– the “Poirot words” fabrics in the four corners– is a personal favorite and is ubiquitous in my Poirot sewing projects.

Poirot and Hastings, acrylic on canvas

So sorry… I’m behind with posting my latest Poirot art! Have a 7″x14″ canvas… image, I think, is from Evil Under the Sun. Pleased with the eyes in this one. I haven’t done many painted images of Hastings yet from this “middle period,” so that was nice to do.