Valentine’s Day giveaway!!!

I’ve been meaning to do another art giveaway for ages, but life keeps getting in the way. In fact it’s been a month or so since I’ve posted here at all– January has been hectic with Candlewick Theatre, as we’ve been rushing to get Thorton Wilder’s play “The Matchmaker” together in less than a month. As well as showing at Morden’s Kenmor Theatre, it was our Valentine’s dinner theatre production this year, wrapping up on February 10. We’re all exhausted! (Here’s me in my character of Flora Van Huysen:)

BUT ANYWAY, you’re here for the Poirot giveaway.  🙂  Comment on this blog post and you’ll be entered to win this little 8″x10″ acrylic sketch on canvas board of Poirot, Hastings, and Japp! Image is taken from the episode The Affair at the Victory Ball. I will be drawing a winner one week from now, February 21. Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!!!

15 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day giveaway!!!

  1. Happy Valentines day! I always enjoy your blogs and of course the paintings. So nice to meet an other fan. Greetings from the Netherlands!


  2. Happy Valentine to you too! I really love your art, whether they are paintings , miniatures or cake / cookies… I truly admire your work! I’m afraid the Netherlands are too far away to take part in the contest? I like it a lot that there are fans of Poirot all over the world! Keep up posting your marvellous work please!
    Love, Martine

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