Sewing masks (you knew this was going to happen)

Him: Now that you’ve got your sewing machine out again, can you pleeeease make me that second mask…?

Me: Fine, but it’s going to be Poirot-themed.


6 thoughts on “Sewing masks (you knew this was going to happen)

  1. Hello! This is a Poirot-themed request, but based on my curation of a collection of vintage items seen in the British film “Withnail & I” (this is like “six degrees of Poirot”)…
    There’s a wine glass that was used in the props set dressing for Poirot that was also used in Withnail & I, and I have so far been unable to find out the maker or pattern name for this glass.
    You are one of the few people I’ve run across that seems to have the same voracious appetite for detail that I have, and since the glass appears in Poirot, I thought you might be able/willing to help me figure it out.
    If you’d be kind enough to email me, I can send you a screen cap photo of the glass from Withnail, and perhaps you could either identify it or direct me to a good starting place to search.


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