I just noticed…

…that you, too, can apparently purchase an inexpensive phone cover with *cough* my artwork on it.


(Don’t purchase it. This is all obviously being sold without permission. I don’t sell my own Poirot drawings, for that matter.)

2.99US $ |Cover Case for iPhone Oneplus 5S SE 2020 6S 7 8 6T 8T Plus XS XR 11 12 Pro Mini Max Agatha Christie's Poirot|Phone Case & Covers| - AliExpress

2 thoughts on “I just noticed…

    • It’s just kind of stupid. In a way it’s not as bad for me because I was just creating fan art. I knowingly put my pictures online and I realize there are a lot of people in the world who are going to steal whatever stuff they find and try to profit from it. In my case, at least it’s not something I depend on for income; I do it for fun and because I love it, and don’t make money from it. But there are people who do have legal rights to their creations who lose their rightful profit from this kind of thing.


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