My Murder on the Orient Express quilt is done!!!

Finally! And just in time for our upcoming fall performance of Murder on the Orient Express with Flatlands Theatre Company. 🙂

The “Poirot words” fabric is my own design, and it’s come in handy for many projects. I quilted this one up myself by stitching in the ditch, because I didn’t want all those right angles to be lost and buried under some random squiggly quilting design.

The backing. The top section of moustaches is a little larger than the bottom… such is the “centering” risk one runs when piecing together a quilt backing.

Backing detail. The main fabric was a custom Spoonflower design (someone else’s) specifically themed on the 1970s “MOTOE” film with Albert Finney. 🙂 It seems to work well, color-wise, with the moustache fabric to pull together all those diverse earth tones and gray tones.

I had to include a satin brocade in honor of the scarlet kimono embroidered with dragons! ❤