Flatlands Theatre Co. performs Murder on the Orient Express!

We just finished our show (November 3-6 at the P.W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall in Winkler, Manitoba). We all had a fantastic time– cast, crew, and audiences! Great turnout, awesome production. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I got to play the role of Mary Debenham, while Alex, my husband, was Col. Arbuthnot. How cute is that?? We actually got to get kissy on stage. I did some set painting as well– specifically, the exterior of the Orient Express train. Our daughter Ana played one of the waitresses at the Tokatliyan Hotel in Istanbul, as well as doing some planning for costumes and working as a stage hand.

I’ll probably be doing a series of posts about it, especially since I’m hoping more photos will come in, but here are a few cast photos to start you off…

Here’s Keith and Eric who played Bouc and Poirot.

Me and Alex as Mary Debenham and Col. Arbuthnot:

Here’s Alex again with our daughter Ana.

Quentin as Hector MacQueen:

Chuck and Erin (another real-life couple) as Michel and Mrs. Hubbard:

Eric again, in performance:

In a “scene not appearing in book,” my character is shot in the arm. During the intermission I got bloodied up and glued upon by the director. That prosthetic DID NOT want to stay on!! But we made it work! The construction crew did an AMAZING job with this multilayered train set. Half our stage was the sleeper carriage (as you see here) and half was the dining car.

The dining car during the final scene, where we’ve been called together for the big reveal. This photo was evidently taken before our curtains, and some other final details, were added to the train car.

The show was so much fun!! Many thanks to all involved and all who came out to see us!

2 thoughts on “Flatlands Theatre Co. performs Murder on the Orient Express!

  1. I ended up here because I needed a screenshot of The Anime Duck to show our friends — my husband is enjoying the anime more or less but wants to murder The Duck — and then looked at your more recent posts. You and the rest of the cast here all look great! I’m in Boston USA and couldn’t have attended the show, but all the same I’m sad I missed it.


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